20 Sep 2016
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20 Sep 2016

IFCASL work at former conferences

  • Interspeech 2016, 8-12 September 2016, San Francisco
    • Ghosh, S., Sini, A., Laprie, Y. & Camille Fauth, C. 1-L2 interference: the case of final devoicing of French voiced fricatives in final position by German learners.
    • Jügler, J., Zimmerer, F., Trouvain, J.. & Möbius, B. The perceptual effect of L1 prosody transplantation on L2 speech: The case of French accented German.
    • Pützer, M., Zimmerer, F., Wokurek, W. & Jügler, J. Evaluation of phonatory behavior of German and French speakers in native and non-native speech.
  • New Sounds 2016, 10-12 June 2016, Aarhus
    • Zimmerer, F., Trouvain, J. & Bonneau; A. Methods of investigating vowel interferences of French learners of German.
  • Speech Prosody 2016, 31 May - 3 June 2016, Boston
    • Trouvain, J., Fauth, C. & Möbius, B. Breath and non-breath pauses in fluent and disfluent phases of German and French L1 and L2 Read Speech.
    • Zimmerer, F., Bonneau, A. & Andreeva, B. Influence of L1 prominence on L2 production.
  • LREC - 10th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 23-28 May 2016, Portorož (Slovenia)
    • Trouvain, J., Bonneau, A., Colotte, V., Fauth, C., Fohr, D., Jouvet, D., Jügler, J., Laprie, Y., Mella, O., Möbius, B. & Zimmerer, F. . The IFCASL corpus of French and German non-native and native read speech.
  • ESSV - 27. Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung, 2-4 March 2016, Leipzig
    • Trouvain, J., Jügler, J. & Laprie; Y. On the assessment of computer-assisted pronunciation training tools.
  • Organisation of a workshop on "Feedback in pronunciation training" at Hofgut Imsbach, 5-6 November 2015.
  • Tagung Phonetik und Phonologie (P&P11), 8-9 October 2015, Marburg
    • J. Jügler, F. Zimmerer, B. Möbius. Die Auswirkung von High-Variability Training auf die Produktion und Perzeption von französischen Plosiven.
    • F. Zimmerer, J. Trouvain. Zur Perzeption deutscher Vokale von französischen Lernern.
  • Workshop "Modeling variability in speech", 1-2 October 2015, Stuttgart
    • J. Jügler, F. Zimmerer, B. Möbius. How sustainable are improvements by high-variability training on the perception and production of French stops by German native speakers?
  • Interspeech" - Dresden, Germany - 7-10 September 2015
    • Bonneau, A. & Cadot, M. German non-native realizations of French voiced fricatives in final position of a group of words
    • Jügler, J., Zimmerer, F., Möbius, B. & Draxler, Chr. The effect of high-variability training on the perception and production of French stops by German native speakers
    • Zimmerer, F. & Trouvain, J. Production of /h/ in German: French vs. German speakers
    • Zimmerer, F. & Trouvain, J. Perception of French speakers’ German vowels
  • Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE)" - Leipzig, Germany - 4-5 September 2015
    • Mela, O., Fohr, D. & Bonneau, A. Inter-annotator agreement for a speech corpus pronounced by French and German language learners
    • Fohr, D. & Mela, O. Detection of Phone Boundaries for Non-Native Speech using French-German Models
    • Jouvet, D., Bonneau, A., Trouvain, J., Zimmerer, F., Laprie Y. & Möbius, B. Analysis of phone confusion matrices in a manually annotated French-German learner corpus
    • Vakil, A. & Trouvain, J. Automatic classification of lexical stress errors form German CAPT
    • Vakil, A. A CAPT tool for training and research on lexical stress errors in German (demo session)

  • Workshop on "Phonetic Learner Corpora" - Glasgow, Scotland - 12 August
    • Organizers: Jürgen Trouvain, Frank Zimmerer, Mária Gósy, Anne Bonneau.
    • Invited Speakers: Anke Lüdeling, Sylvain Detey, Isabelle Racine.
    • Own paper: Frank Zimmerer, Jürgen Trouvain & Anne Bonneau
      One corpus, one research question, three methods - German vowels produced by French speakers

  • Int'l Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS)" - Glasgow, Scotland - 10-14 August 2015
    • Bonneau, A. Realization of French voiced fricatives by German learners as a function of speaker level and prosodic boundaries
    • Jügler, J. & Möbius, B. Auditory feedback methods to improve the pronunciation of stops by German learners of French
    • Zimmerer, F., Andreeva, B., Jügler, J. & Möbius, B. Comparison of pitch profiles of German and French speakers speaking German and French

  • Romanistentag - Mannheim, Germany - 26-29 July 2015
    • Trouvain, J., Möbius, B., Zimmerer F. & Jügler, J. Das deutsch-französische phonetische Lernerkorpus “IFCASL“ und indivualisiertes Feedback beim computergestütztem Fremdsprachenerwerb
  • Int'l Conference "Prominence in Language" - Cologne, Germany - 15-17 June 2015
    • Gandhi, M., Currey, A. & Trouvain, J. Marking focus in L2 French and German
  • Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung (ESSV) - Eichstätt, Germany - 25-27 March
    • Carroll, P., Trouvain, J. & Zimmerer, F.: A Visual Feedback Tool for German Vowel Production
  • Workshop "Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Studies in L2 Phonology" - Stuttgart, Germany - 21-22 November
    • Zimmerer, F. & Trouvain, J.: French learners' problem with /h/: Absent, when it should be, present when it shouldn‘t
  • Phonetik und Phonologie (P&P10) - Konstanz, Germany - 9 October
    • Jügler, J. & Möbius, B.: Untersuchung von auditivem Feedback zur Verbesserung der Aussprache von stimmhaften und stimmlosen Plosiven deutscher Lerner des Französischen
    • Trouvain, J. & Fauth, C.: Zu phonetischen Details von Pausen – Untersuchungen von Lesesprache in L1 vs. L2
    • Zimmerer, F. & Trouvain, J.: Produktion von /h/ im Deutschen: Ein Vergleich von französischen Lernern mit deutschen Muttersprachlern
  • Journées de Pausologie - Montpellier, France - 16-17 October
    • Fauth, C. & Trouvain, J.: Détails phonétiques dans la réalisation des pauses - Études de parole lue en langue maternelle vs. en langue étrangère
  • Speech Prosody 7 - Dublin, Ireland - 20-23 May
    • Zimmerer, F., Jügler, J., Andreeva, B., Möbius, B., and Trouvain, J.: Too cautious to vary more? A comparison of pitch variation in native and non-native productions of French and German speakers
    • Trouvain, J. and Möbius, B.: Sources of variation of articulation rate in native and non-native speech: comparisons of French and German
  • Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC) - Reykjavik, Iceland - 26-31 May
    • Camille Fauth, Anne Bonneau, Frank Zimmerer, Juergen Trouvain, Bistra Andreeva, Vincent Colotte, Dominique Fohr, Denis Jouvet, Jeanin Jügler, Yves Laprie, Odile Mella and Bernd Möbius: Designing a bilingual speech corpus for French and German language learners: a two-step process
  • Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française - Berlin, Germany - 19-23 July
    • Camille Fauth, Anne Bonneau, Odile Mella, Vincent Colotte, Dominique Fohr, Denis Jouvet, Yves Laprie, Jürgen Trouvain: Constitution d’un Corpus de Français Langue Etrangère destiné aux Apprenants Allemands
11 February 2014

Corpus samples now available

Audio samples from Corpus 1 (the "mini-corpus") are now available for download from the corpus page.

13 January 2014

Welcome student assistants

The IFCASL team has recently expanded! We are excited to welcome new student assistants at the University of Saarland and LORIA/the University of Strasbourg. The new team members will be assisting with the annotation of the IFCASL corpus.

1 December 2013

Teilnehmer gesucht

  • Voraussetzung: Deutsch als Muttersprache, Französischkenntnisse (alle Niveaus)
  • 60-90 Minuten Audioaufnahmen (Vorlesen und Nachsprechen von Sätzen auf Deutsch und Französisch)
  • Bezahlung: 10 Euro

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